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About Rejensa

You’ve seen it happen. As dogs mature, joint health issues and osteoarthritis can have a huge impact on their quality of life.

Rejensa is the only joint care supplement for dogs that contains N-butyryl glucosamine (GlcNBu), or Gluco Blu® – an improved form of glucosamine clinically proven to deliver a visible difference in as little as 16 days with daily use.

Make Rejensa part of your multimodal approach to joint care and mobility – including diet and weight management, fitness, and pain relief therapies.

What is Gluco Blu?


  • N-butyryl glucosamine (GlcNBu) is a breakthrough analog of glucosamine awarded a US Patent.
  • This innovative molecule’s purpose is to enhance cartilage formation, chondrocyte cell proliferation and production of glycosaminoglycan, and to alleviate the symptoms of joint stiffness and restricted mobility in dogs.
Regular Glucosamine

Regular glucosamine

N-Butyryl Glucosamine

Rejensa (N-butyryl glucosamine)

The once-a-day chew that can make a difference.

A highly palatable chew designed to be given to dogs daily, without gastrointestinal effects. Rejensa joint care chews can be used in conjunction with prescribed joint medications or as a stand-alone supplement for joint health.

Dosing chart

Dog’s weight Number of chews
per day
Days given
30-chew jar
Days given
60-chew jar
Up to 29 lbs ½ 60 Days 120 Days
30 to 59 lbs 1 30 Days 60 Days
60 to 89 lbs 1 ½ 20 Days 40 Days
90 to 120 lbs 2 15 Days 30 Days

Rejensa with Gluco Blu can be given at anytime.

Rejensa helps you bring back that dog they love.

In a recent blinded crossover study that evaluated quality-of-life parameters, dogs given Rejensa joint care chews for 16 days improved significantly, while those given a leading glucosamine product did not.

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Summary: Clinical trials measuring mobility showed that new Rejensa with Gluco Blu:

  • achieved statistical significance on improving mobility with results equal to a leading prescription nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) – without the concerns of NSAID use; and
  • achieved statistical superiority versus a leading non-prescription joint supplement.
Download Study

Additional studies of interest

Assessment of the Effectiveness of GlcNBu as a Therapeutic for Osteoarthritis in the Beagle Dog – Vivocore Inc.

N-Butyryl Glucosamine Increases Matrix Gene Expression by Chondrocytes

N-Acylation of Glucosamine Modulates Chondrocyte Growth, Proteoglycan Synthesis, and Gene Expression

Disease Modifying Effects of N-Butyryl Glucosamine in a Streptococcal Cell Wall Induced Arthritis Model in Rats

N-Acylated Glucosamines for Bone and Joint Disorders:
Effects of N-Butyryl Glucosamine on Ovariectomized Rat Bone

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FAQ first column

Rejensa is the only joint care chew to contain N-butyryl glucosamine, an improved form of glucosamine that’s been clinically proven to show a healthy, visible difference in dogs in as little as 16 days when given daily.

In a recent blinded crossover study that evaluated quality of life, dogs given Rejensa for 16 days improved significantly, while those given a leading glucosamine product did not.

Quality-of-life parameters included a number of mobility measures:

  • Climbing the stairs
  • Jumping up and down
  • Walking and running
  • Jumping over low obstacles
  • General activity levels

N-butyryl glucosamine (GlcNBu) is a breakthrough analog of glucosamine developed as a therapeutic agent to alleviate the symptoms of joint stiffness and restricted mobility. Rejensa is the only supplemental joint care chew on the market today to contain this revolutionary, clinically proven form of glucosamine.

Rejensa is available in two jar sizes: 30 chews and 60 chews.

FAQ second column

Clients should see a healthy difference in their dogs in as few as 16 days when Rejensa is given daily. Since the severity of joint pain can vary from dog to dog, results may also vary.

Rejensa is designed to be smaller and more concentrated versus the average chew. In fact, 45% of the Rejensa chew is composed of the active Gluco Blu. The 30-chew jar will last 60 days for a small dog (half chew per day), 30 days for a medium dog (one chew per day), and 20 days for a large dog (one and a half chews per day). The 60-chew jar will last 120 days for a small dog (half chew per day), 60 days for a medium dog (one chew per day), and 40 days for a large dog (one and a half chews per day).

A daily treatment of Rejensa is designed to help alleviate symptoms of joint stiffness and restricted mobility in dogs and works alongside appropriate exercise and fitness regimens, diet and weight management plans, and other pain relief therapies as an integral part of an overall, multimodal plan.


Check out the great things people are saying about Rejensa!

Dr. Zack Mills

Dr. Zack Mills, Veterinarian, Practice Owner,
Atlanta, GA

After reading the clinical studies I decided to give Rejensa a try on a few dogs that suffered with joint pain.

I was impressed with the efficacy as it delivered what it said it would: results within 16 days. It is the most remarkable new product I have tried in a long time.

I am very happy with this veterinarian-exclusive product and the assistance the company has given me to regain my clients that were lost to online pharmacy!


Dr. Jeff Van Petten, Veterinarian,
Meriden, KS

Rambo is our 12-year-old pointer who has lived with our son for the past 3 years.

This past March he brought her home and she was not weight-bearing on her back-right leg.

On physical examination, it was easily determined that she had arthritis on both stifle joints. X-rays showed severe DJD of both stifles.

She received an acupuncture treatment and was started on a leading NSAID, a canine muscle formula, and Rejensa.

After about 2 weeks, the NSAID was stopped and she is doing much better. She’s running around like a puppy.


Dr. Chris Sevigny, Veterinarian,
Wells, ME

My personal dog, Brinley, is a very old, arthritic girl. She is 15 and spent her first 12 or 13 years treating her body like an NFL linebacker. She was on an NSAID prior to starting on Rejensa, so I took Brinley off the NSAIDs for 2 weeks to wash them out of her system. We noticed a significant decline in her comfort, activity, and “speed of movement.”

After a few weeks on just the Rejensa, we did notice a genuine improvement in each of those categories. I did eventually put her back on NSAIDs in addition to the Rejensa, simply to maximize her comfort in her golden years, but she has maintained an improved mobility and quality of life greater than when using either of them alone.

I use my own experience with Rejensa when discussing treatment options with my clients. The Starter Packs have made a huge difference when starting a new client on the product as well. We also appreciate the larger tubs for the bigger dogs. Our overall impression from clients has been greatly positive.

We are recommending it across the board for dogs we think need improved joint health. Old dogs with DJD are still probably our #1 group, but we add it for animals with demonstrated joint injuries like CCL tears or luxating patellas. We are recommending it in earlier cases as a single treatment before we initiate NSAIDs, or after a short course of NSAIDs to relieve more acute pain.

We have also found it to be consistently palatable, even for some of our pickier patients.

I am a big fan of Rejensa, as is our staff!

You can also check out what pet owners are saying about Rejensa here.

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